Waterways, Lakes and Water Feature Management

With more people aspiring to live and work near the water, new developments have focused on creating attractive lakes and water features, as well as building near natural waterways.

We all know that lakes and ponds must be properly cared for to avoid growing algae and weeds as well as to prevent pest and insect infestation. Lake and pond management is one of our specialities. We have staff fully qualified in aquatic environments who monitor and maintain lakes / ponds in public places or private residential communities.

We strive to sustain a healthy relationship between the natural environments we manage and the community's use of the land and water resource that they enjoy. For instance, when the public is made more aware of waterways management through signage or promotions, this helps to reduce the litter that tends to build up around ponds and lakes.

Aquatic waterways not only serve a purpose for animal and plant life to flourish, but they also beautify the surrounding environments. So ensure ponds or lakes are well cared for with professional maintenance.